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JoJo performs new music at Lincoln Hall


After stepping off of the scene for a few years, Pop and R&B singer JoJo has announced her comeback through her “I Am JoJo” tour. JoJo performed Wednesday night at Lincoln Hall in front of tons of fans, most of which have been rocking with her since she first stepped into the music scene at age 13.

I enjoyed the fact that she performed songs in chronological order, and took all of her fans back to where it all began. The first couple of songs she performed were from her debut self titled album. Red and blue lights flashed as she took the audience back to her pre-teen years by performing “Baby it’s You,” which is one of her biggest hits to date. Following that performance, she performed “Breezy,” “City Lights,” and “The Happy Song.” The final song from her debut album that she performed was her first single, “Leave (Get Out).” Before performing the song, she mentioned that she first recorded it when she was just 12 years old, so performing it now has a completely different meaning for her.

Next she performed songs from her second album The High Road. She explained to the audience that this album was released in the midst of many new this occurring in her life, such as her first love and first heartbreak. She began by performing “Anything,” “Good Ol,” “Like That,” and she ended by performing “Too Little, Too Late,” which was the album’s single, and the song also broke records on Billboard when it was released.

To wrap up her performance, JoJo performed songs from her “triangle,” that she released in August, which consisted of three new songs, “When Love Hurts,” “Save My Soul,” and “Say Love.” She also performed a few of her cover songs, including Drake’s “Marvin’s Room,” and Jeremih’s “Planes.”

As an encore performance, she performed “I Am,” which will be on her upcoming third album.

The whole venue was singing along to each of her songs, which proves how loyal her fans have been from the beginning to now, even during her time away from the spotlight. I myself listened to her songs when I was in middle school, so it was nice to see how much she’s changed and progressed as an artist. After her performance, I think it is very clear that the now 24 year old has definitely grown over the years, and I have no doubts that her next album will be nothing short of amazing.


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