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Miley Cyrus and the Dead Petz Milky Milky Milk Tour Chicago


Thursday night, Miley Cyrus and the Dead Petz kicked off her “Milky Milky Milk tour,” in Chicago, and she made sure to rock Riviera Theater with an unforgettable performance. It’s no secret that Miley makes sure her shows are interesting, unique, and eccentric, so it was no surprise that throughout the show she had many costume changes, and the costumes included a stick of butter, a baby, a disco ball, a sun, a moon, among others. The recurring theme of the show was peace, love, and marijuana. Throughout the show, she told the crowd that since it was her first show on this tour she had “no idea what she was doing”, and that she and the whole band were drunk and high.

Before Miley made her appearance on stage, the crowd was introduced to three drag queens, who put on a dance performance to get the crowd hyped up. They impressed us with toe touches, splits, and death drops.

After their jaw dropping performance, Miley hit the stage performing  “Dooo It,” which is a song all about marijuana and peace, and “Love Money Party,” which are both on her latest album Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz. As she performed the songs, confetti, huge balloons, and smoke was shot out to the crowd, which gave the feeling of a huge dance party.

Following her opening song, Miley changed into a sun. After her wardrobe change, Miley slowed things down and performed “1 Sun,” and “The Floyd Song (Sunrise).” Continuing on with her theme of outer space, she then changed into a moon to perform “Something About Space Dude” and “Space Boots.”  After coming back to earth from the outer space experience, Miley changed into a baby costume to perform “BB Talk” and “Fweaky.” As she performed, a stripper pole on a platform decorated in pink beads came to the stage, and Miley proceeded to dismantle her baby costume.

After changing into a stick of butter, Miley sped things back up. She performed “Slab of Butter (Scorpion)” and “I Forgive Yiew,” along with “Miley Tibetan Bowlzzz,” in which she played a Tibetan singing bowl and harmonized into the microphone. Coming out dressed as a disco ball, Miley slowed things down again, singing “Pablow the Blowfish” and “Twinkle Song” along with playing the piano. With a little less than an hour left in her performance, Miley wrapped things up by changing into a Miley style unicorn. She performed “Karen Don’t Be Sad,” and “Evil Is But a Shadow.” The song she performed to end the night was “We Can’t Stop,” which was the single from her fourth album Bangerz, which was released in 2013. As she ended her performance, two people wearing a large rainbow, along with another person dressed in a teeth costume, accompanied her on stage.

Riviera was packed with die-hard Miley fans. People were dressed in costumes that Miley has been seen wearing in previous concerts, along with people wearing different Miley clothing items. The lights, the props, and the casualness of Miley herself made the whole performance seem like a party where everyone in attendance was family. I always wondered what it would be like to attend a Miley concert, and although it was unlike anything I’ve seen before, it was very entertaining and I will never forget it.


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