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Deadpool Movie Review

deadpool-gallery-03-gallery-imageOver the weekend, I was invited to go to the movies. I agreed, thinking I would be going to see a movie that I had been wanting to see for a while. After arriving at the theater too late to see the movie, I decided to see Deadpool.

 I was nervous and hesitant, since I am in no way a Marvel Comics fan, and I have no idea anything about the brand. I decided to check it out since I was already at the theater.

Deadpool is a superhero movie and it is based off of an earlier Marvel character of the same name. It is the eighth movie in the X-Men series, with Ryan Reynolds reprising his role as Wade Wilson, who he portrayed in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. The much anticipated movie earned over $600 million dollars worldwide opening weekend.

In the movie, Wade is diagnosed with terminal cancer soon after he proposes to Vanessa, his girlfriend of one year. Vanessa stays positive and hopeful, but Wade is not as optimistic. A recruiter from a secret program finds Wade, and offers him an experimental cure for cancer. After long consideration, Wade leaves Vanessa in the middle of the night and goes on with the procedure. While there, Wade discovers that this experiment is really meant to turn people into super powered slaves to be sold to wealthy customers. Wade is tricked into believing his mutilation can be cured, so he spends the duration of the movie trying to find Ajax, his torturer, in order to be cured, only to be informed that there is no cure.

As I mentioned in the beginning, I am not super hero or comics fan, but I absolutely loved this movie. I found the action and the humor to be very entertaining, and it kept my attention the entire time. The first marvel comics movie I ever saw was Ant-Man a few months ago, and I also liked that one, so I believe that as the years go on, Marvel is trying to reach more audience members, so it seems to me that the movies are being made with lots of humor, and more realness. My problem with Marvel’s was that they seemed to be unrealistic, and even though the events that happened in Deadpool were unrealistic as a whole, it contained some real aspects. The fact that he was diagnosed with cancer, and was willing to do anything to try and be healed so that he wouldn’t have to leave his future wife is something that a person diagnosed with a terminal illness in real life would consider.

Another thing I liked about this movie is the fact that I didn’t feel as if I was missing something because I hadn’t seen the previous movies. Oftentimes, sequels can be confusing for viewers unfamiliar with the franchise, but that was not the case for this movie. That is another way in which I feel Marvel is trying to reach a broader audience.

Ryan Reynold’s acting was phenomenal. He really embraced his character, and delivered the perfect amount of humor. His acting was believable, and it didn’t seem as if he was trying too hard. It came off as very natural. I applaud Marvel for being able to reach a larger audience with this movie. It has encouraged me want to watch future Marvel movies.




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