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Tidal/TLOP Review


So if you’re like me, when you first heard about Tidal you said to yourself “that sounds like a pretty decent app, but there’s no way I’m paying $10 a month for it.” Not knowing anyone who had it themselves or who was talking about it, I didn’t feel like I was missing out on anything.

A couple weeks ago, I was in the mood to listen to “Formation” but I had no way of doing so, since it’s exclusively on Tidal. I also was ready to hear TLOP, which is also exclusively on Tidal. I took to twitter and said  “Everyday I debate whether or not I should get ‪@TIDALHiFi…I’m leaning towards getting it.” Well, they tweeted me back to inform me that I get a 30-day free trial. So I caved. One thing is for sure, I definitely don’t regret downloading it…it really is as amazing as people have made it out to be.

With all of that being said, I have been able to listen to TLOP as much as I want. I was unsure about the album beforehand because I love the old Kanye. You know, College Dropout Kanye. But since the album got so much hype, I had to listen to it, right? After listening to each song one morning while I was getting ready for class, I found myself bobbing my head. The album is really good! I was completely impressed. His most recent albums have only had one or two songs that I liked, so I really wasn’t expecting to appreciate the entire album.

While I do enjoy the entire album, there are still those few that stick out to me the most. First is song #4, “Famous.” This song features Rihanna, and is essentially a break-up letter with “fame”. The song, produced by Kanye and Havoc, definitely gets you moving in a subtle way. It’s not a club banger per se, however, it’s impossible to stay still when the beat drops.

The next song, or monologue, that I claim as one of my favorites is track #9, “I Love Kanye.” It’s literally 44 seconds of Kanye talking about himself in third person, in which he makes fun of the circulating “Kanye loves Kanye” meme. He is also doing this to point out all of the criticism he gets from his fans saying they miss the old and sweet Kanye. I thought this acapella piece was a brilliant way to take a topic that is so heavily talked about and turn it into art.

Track #10, “Waves.” We all know the history of “Waves.” It was originally on the album, then it was scrapped, then Chance the Rapper insisted it be on the album, which also caused the album to be released later. Snaps for you Chance, because this song is amazing and absolutely should have stayed on the album. Featuring Chris Brown, this song, in my opinion, is arguably the best on the album. It is relaxing yet electrifying. It can captivate any listener, especially with Breezy killing it with the vocals, as always.

Last but not least, track #16, “No More Parties in L.A,” was the single released for the album, and it is featuring the one and only Kendrick Lamar. This is Kanye and Kendrick’s first collab together, and they made sure it was nothing short of straight fire. The song consists of the two rappers telling stories of the life in L.A. and all of their “rich people problems.” There’s tons of references back to his previous songs. The song is fun and upbeat, but also very chill at the same time, which I wasn’t even sure was possible (but everything’s possible when it comes to Ye, right?) Thanks to this song, I now catch myself saying “Shake that body, party that bod. Shake that body, party that bod” at the most random times imaginable, but that is completely fine.

Moral of the story, if you have Tidal and have not heard this album yet, you must be living under a rock. If you don’t have Tidal, go right now, find someone who has it, listen to this album, and thank me later.

Thanks for reading!

– I Love You Like Kanye Loves Kanye


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