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Twenty88 Album Review


I have always been a fan of Big Sean and Jhene Aiko collabing on tracks. The two of them together is magic. Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised when the two decided to become a duo called Twenty88. Just days after their announcement of the project, the album of the same name was released exclusively on Tidal. At midnight on March 31st, the music world was surprised with a standout album from two standout artists in the game. The album is eight tracks, and it is combines 90s R&B and ’70s experimental rock and soul, something music lovers have not experienced in quite a while. We even get a feature from K-Ci & JoJo and Detail. In their recent interview with Flaunt magazine, Aiko states, “Music now doesn’t really cater to the feelings of a real relationship. It’s all about trapping and bragging. I feel like this project is something that’s needed right now…Especially a whole project, is just good for people to see. That duality is a perfect combination.”

And a perfect combination it is indeed. Prior to listening to this album, I already knew that I was going to love it because, as I mentioned in the beginning, I love anything that Big Sean and Jhene Aiko do together. With that being said, let me discuss the standout songs on this album (and with the album being only eight songs, nearly all of them were memorable).

First up is Selfish. This song is the second track on the eight track album. I love this song because of the way it is set up. The song is basically set up to be a couple going back and forth about why the other is “selfish.” I love songs that have multiple artists seemingly going back and forth at each other. For me as a listener is creates a much better story. It’s also relatable, whether you are a male or female listener. We have all been at a point where we feel our significant other is being selfish in their part of the relationship.

The next standout song is On The Way, which is track number three. This song is a standout for me simply because I catch myself singing parts of this song out of the clear blue sky. When a song has that affect on me, I know that it’s done its job and that it’s a true hit. This song is definitely sexier for the fact that the two have been working all day and have been thinking of each other and can’t wait to be back together. This song gives listeners a better visual of the “relationship” between the two by using specific plays on words to give listeners a better insight.

Next up is track number five, 2 Minute Warning. This song had to make the standout list for one simple fact—the chorus brings me back to 90s R&B. The repetition of “It’s a two minute warning. And I know that you want it,” along with the vibe of the chorus…you feel like you are back in the 90s. With that being said, Sean delivered unforgettable bars, and Aiko delivered her angelic vocals to bring us back to 2016. The combination of all three aspects makes this song a standout for sure. It’s hard to explain, but the experience you get when listening to it does all the explaining.

The last standout song is Memories Faded, track number seven. The moment I heard the first two lines of the song, I knew I would like it. This song is, presumably, a song about a break up. They each are going through memories they have of each other. This song is all about the each of them reminiscing the good and bad times they had together. I think this is a really chill and catchy song, which is s nice song to have towards the end of the album to wrap everything out.

So, I listed four out of the eight tracks on this album as my standout songs, but let’s be real, the album as a whole is a standout. I encourage everyone to listen to this album in order to get a nice balance of songs about relationships, while also getting great bars from Sean. These days, its nearly impossible to get a happy mixture of both.

The song is available on Tidal and iTunes and Apple Music for your listening pleasure.


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