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Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 6 Episode 4 REVIEW and RANT


So last night, we got another episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. I haven’t been reviewing this season; no particular reason why, I just haven’t. This season is a lot of staged foolishness anyway, so I’ve been taking everything with a grain of salt. But after last night’s episode, I have so much to say, and I felt like I just had to speak on it. While there is one main subject I have the most of an opinion on, I will go through the episode in it’s entirety.

We pick up on this episode where we left off last week. Jessica Dime is at a cooking class with Alexis Skyy. In walks Tommie with her date, Joc. Tommie says she brought Joc on the double date to get back at Karlie. Dime and Karlie are friends, so she wants to make sure this date is innocent, and if it isn’t, she feels the need to let Karlie know what’s going. Side note, Alexis Skyy is going to be on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, so I think her appearance in this episode was for us to get used to her, even though she didn’t really have a speaking part.

We get introduced to another cast member named Sierra. She makes her introduction like everyone else, “What’s up y’all, it’s ya girl Sierra.”

I never understood why all the no-names introduce themselves by saying “it’s ya girl” or “it’s ya boy” as if we know who they are. But I digress. She owns a nail salon called the Glam Shop. We then get introduced to one of the stylists at the salon named Moriah. Moriah and Sierra are talking, and this is where we find out that Moriah is the one who introduced Lovely Mimi to the shop, but we will get more on that later.

We see Jasmine packing up her apartment because the lease is up, and Kirk stopped making the payments. Now, I was under the impression that Jasmine lived with Rod and that Keanna also lived with them, but I guess Jasmine still had the apartment (in Kirk and Rasheeda’s old building). So Karlie comes over to Jasmine’s apartment to be messy and see the baby. In walks Keanna with baby Kanon. Karlie is just looking at the baby saying he looks just like Kirk. Karlie then picks the baby up and begins taking pictures of the baby.

Karlie asks Keanna who she is and she goes into the story about how she is a dancer and how Kirk told her that he could get her out of the club, so they started messing around, but she was unaware of the fact that she and Jasmine were once again sharing the same guy *insert eye roll*. So Karlie, being the messy bird that she is, is just loving all of this tea that’s being spilled. Chile, I guess.

Momma Dee goes over to Scrappy and Bam’s house to get her side of what’s going on between the two of them.

Side note, let’s discuss Momma Dee’s come up over the years. Her hair and makeup is so nice and appropriate this season. Some of her outfits are questionable, but of all the cast members, she used her check to upgrade her life. Props to you, Dee!

So Bam tells Momma Dee that their problems stem from Scrappy’s immaturity. Whenever they have a disagreement, instead of talking about it, Scrappy runs from it. Momma Dee tells us that she has really grown to like the Bam and she wants them to work it out. Bam says the only way she’ll give it another shot is if Scrap agrees to go see a therapist.

We get introduced to yet another cast member—Lovely Mimi. Most of us have seen her videos or at least heard of her.

“My name is Lovely Mimi, I got over a million followers and I make funny videos and I’m married to a fine black man.”

She tells us that she doesn’t know anyone in Atlanta, but her and her husband decided to move to the black Hollywood from Maryland. She met Tommie at a birthday party and they decided to meet up for a playdate, and y’all, why is Tommie wearing a skirt at SkyZone? *side eye*. So Mimi and Tommie start talking about everything they have in common, and they compare notes on how many mug shots they each have…*insert side eye again*.

I can already tell y’all that I do not like Mimi. I don’t think her videos are funny and I think she tries way too hard to portray what she “thinks” a black woman is. She’s the kind of person who likes to advertise that she has black friends, and she likes to use the N word in her videos, so I’m cool off her.

Now this next scene is where I completely lost it, and almost wanted to quit watching the show altogether.

Mimi invited Tommie and her co-worker Moriah to Blue Flame. Tommie brings Dime, and Moriah brings her friend Treasure P. Treasure P was a dancer (surprise, surprise) in Houston, and she moved out to Atlanta to be with her boyfriend. Come to find out, her boyfriend is a married man, and she claims she didn’t know until she got to Atlanta, but yet she still stayed with him. Her excuse is that he spends more time with her, doesn’t love his wife, and gives her all his money. She she’s explaining her peace, and here comes Moriah saying she also is dating a married man. I lost it.

I think what disgusted me the most is how proud they were. They were just laughing and bragging about it. Mimi, Dime, and Tommie were totally against it. Mimi said as a married woman that wasn’t cool, which it isn’t.

I was just so annoyed with this scene because once again it just brings a negative light to the black women. Proud to be with married people, proud to be gold diggers, what is the world coming to? And who are these nobodies anyway? They just let anybody on this show. Like someone said on Twitter last night, were is the love? Where is the hip hop? Scrappy, Joc, Waka, and Stevie are the only ones that really had legit music careers, but there’s no love and relationships. This show has just taken such a negative turn. Plus the whole Jasmine and Kirk situation just adds to it.

Was there no material for this season so they just had to bring in ratchet hood rats with made up storylines for ratings? I’m just not with this new direction the show has taken. Could you imagine white women coming on national television with storylines like this? I know they have certain ways they portray themselves too, so I’m not saying white reality stars are perfect, but I just see more and more black women putting themselves down for a check.

Moving on to the rest of the episode, Joc and Karlie are taking pictures for her book, and this is where Karlie shows Joc the picture of baby Kanon. She’s like “His name is Kanon with a ‘K’” and Joc’s like “yeah, all Kirk’s kids start with a K,” and he sees the baby has a dimple in his chin and it makes him start thinking. So he drops a bomb on us that he was messing around with Jasmine around the same time Kirk was. At this point I am just too done. I literally can’t anymore. Like is it in their contract that you can’t be on the show unless you’ve been passed around amongst the cast members? I’m so done.

Scrappy and Bam are at a community center with Scrappy’s dad and his step mom because they’re marriage counselors. They come to the conclusion that they aren’t getting married because they’re both too immature. Nothing special here.

Mimi is at the strip club with Sierra and Tommie (I can’t remember if Treasure P and Moriah were there). Mimi is going on about how lame the shop is and Moriah is just co-signing saying Mimi makes the shop fun and all this and that. Sierra then says that Mimi wants to be black so bad (I AGREE), and Mimi jumps up saying she doesn’t have to be black to beat her up and then she says she quits the job.

I give this episode an F-. I was so disappointed. None of the main cast members were on. I don’t like these new girls. I saw a lot of people saying Mimi is like the Cardi of Atlanta, and I totally disagree. That may have been what they were trying to achieve, but Cardi B is real. Mimi is pretending to be something she’s not.

This was just the most ratchet thing I’ve ever seen. I wasn’t entertained, I was mad and embarrassed. I hope we don’t see these new girls in many more episodes, and I definitely hope we don’t see them on another season. I feel like this new generation (yes I’m a millennial, but I have a low tolerance for this new stuff that’s “hot” today) is eating this stuff up and are loving all of the foolishness, but when I think back to when the show first started, that’s what I lived for.

I want to know your thoughts on last night’s episode! Do you like the new cast members? What do you think of this new direction the show has taken?

Thanks for reading!



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