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Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 6 Episode 4 REVIEW and RANT


So last night, we got another episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. I haven’t been reviewing this season; no particular reason why, I just haven’t. This season is a lot of staged foolishness anyway, so I’ve been taking everything with a grain of salt. But after last night’s episode, I have so much to say, and I felt like I just had to speak on it. While there is one main subject I have the most of an opinion on, I will go through the episode in it’s entirety. Continue reading “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 6 Episode 4 REVIEW and RANT”

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Bringing Up Ballers: First Impressions

Living in Chicago, I’m always excited whenever there’s a new show based here in the city. Bringing Up Ballers premiered last night on Lifetime, and going in I was open minded and excited. Especially since the show is about young basketball hopefuls. Continue reading “Bringing Up Ballers: First Impressions”